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Zombies series, the game revolves around plants fighting zombies in order to save Earth. In both Plants vs. Zombies games, a few plants are used as weapons against zombies, using unique abilities and effects to turn the tides of battle in your favor.

There are 60 levels in total, as well as many unlockable features. This allows for plenty of variety and replay value, while maintaining a familiar interface that will be familiar to anyone who has played previous versions. The story begins with Dr. Zombetti, who is found dead in his home. The remaining zombies have taken over his home and are ruling it with an iron fist, enforcing death and fear upon those who choose to live there.

A rescue team consisting of Boom Bouncers, Lawn Bowlers, and Lightning Lizards make their way through the city to finally confront the Dr. One of them, Lightning Lily arrives at the site just in time to help defend the zombies from the anti-zombie forces. With the help of other characters, including a talking cake and a hologram, they are able to subdue the undead army and drive them away, leaving Earth safe once again.

Although Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare looks like a full-fledged game, it actually is only a part of a much bigger concept that Electronic Arts has had for a number of years now. Ever since the early days of the Sims franchise a very popular and successful PC game , Electronic Arts has been creating games that would run on the idea and use the same engine that creates The Sims. This, in turn, allowed them to make multiple games, each of which would have their own story, style of play, and look and sound for the console.

Now, with the release of Plants vs. Zombies, they are looking to combine the two into a single title. While this isn’t a bad idea, and could pave the way for even more Plants vs.

Zombies games to be developed for the future, it will probably be up to a new game to take the place of Garden Warfare. We don’t have any change log information yet for version 2. Plants vs. In addition, players will get the chance to play all the latest free game content including the Garden Variety Pack and Zomboss Down, a Wild West themed update with eight new playable characters, more than wild customisations, and the Cactus Canyon Map.

Zombies Garden Warfare. The real strength of the game, however, is in its playful mood and art design. PopCap managed to transition their characters from 2D into 3D without losing any of their unique flair or charm.

As such, the light-hearted and family friendly art style means it is a game that can be enjoyed by any audience. That said, the game does suffer slightly by failing to innovate the third-person shooter genre in any way, instead providing a polished, universal art style to well established game modes. Furthermore the small pool of multiplayer maps and modes does result in gameplay becoming repetitive quickly. Nevertheless, in the right hands Plants vs.

Zombies: Garden Warfare provides a polished multiplayer fps experience which can be played, and enjoyed, by anyone. The number of maps and modes may be paltry in this multiplayer-driven third-person shooter, but Plants vs.

Zombies: Garden Warfare still delivers a polished experience that could become as popular as the shooters that influenced it. Gameplay is well-balanced and fast-paced, especially when taking part in full on matches. It also sports one of the deepest customization systems you’ll see, with hundreds of available items that give your characters that personal touch. The best part, though, may be that Garden Warfare marks a departure at least for now from the constant nickel-and-dime microtransactions for which many EA games have become known.

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In addition to virus scans, our editors manually check each download for you. Advantages of the Safe Downloader:. Zombies: Garden Warfare for Windows 2. Download Latest Version for Windows. Zombies: Garden Warfare for PC 2. Download Latest Version. Campaign Commander Mod. Romae ad Bellum Mod. Warzone for Windows. Red Alert 2: Intelligence Tech Mod. From the main menu, you can access the section of the store where, unlike in the mobile game, you don’t have to spend real money.

Here, you can buy special abilities for various classes and upgrade your character. Zombies: Garden Warfare revives the classic mechanics of the shooter using the same commands, although in doing so, simplifies them. Characters can walk not run or jump, shoot, use one of the three special moves, and resurrect fallen comrades especially useful in Team Vanquish mode.

One of the reasons why you might find yourself playing and replaying Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare are the environments, character animation, and the colors of the game. The cartoon-style graphics, combined with the friendliness of the Pixar characters and their various special moves, gives a really nice and unique touch to Plants vs.

Zombies: Garden Warfare. In the dark and terrify world of historic or post-apocalyptic zombie shooters, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare: offers a unique angle, recreating the cheerful atmosphere of its successful mobile title and adapting it to perfection, adding a touch of originality to a rather monotonous genre. The flaws of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare are in the disappointing range of game modes and maps which, although well done, will quickly bore fans of the genre.

Zombies: Garden Warfare, with new maps and game modes. You are the best and i hope u make a nother pvz gw Pros: i like gardens and graveyards it is a very good game mode and its super fun Cons: i think u need to make more sticker packs More. Amazing i hope i can see it. Critics worldwide have praised Garden Warfare, with Gaming Trend calling the game, “entertaining, accessible, and oozing with charm.

Plants vs. In addition, players will get the chance to play all the latest free game content including the Garden Variety Pack and Zomboss Down, a Wild West themed update with eight new playable characters, more than wild customisations, and the Cactus Canyon Map.


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